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Last Released Version: 2
Release Year: 2006
System Compatibility: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Server2003
License: Free Software


Program's Description:
This is a small clock shown on your desktop. This program has been created so that you can hide the Windows taskbar and still see a clock on your desktop ! The application is designed with a right-click context menu to ease the access to options and further commands. To move the main window (which is captionless) first hold down SHIFT, then click and slowly drag it to the destination coordinates.

- ??/??/2004 - version 1 = first release; a simple HH:MM:SS opaque clock;
- 26/08/2006 - version 2 =
+ added resizeable window
+ added milliseconds, day of week, date;
+ added transparency option to window when running under Win2KXP;
+ added rightclick context menu with other options;
- fixed bug with window movement; now it doesn't shake any more;
- program saves configuration file in user's documents folder, instead of it's own, so now every user of the same computer can make his own choices and preferences;


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